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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday's Sermon Thyatira: The Tolerant Church Revelation 2:18-29

While the world extols tolerance as the queen of all virtues and pressures the church to be tolerant, in His letter (with 7 sections) to the church in Thyatira, Jesus commands us not tolerate Jezebels, immorality, and false teaching.

1st  The Address to Thyatira: A small pagan city that worshipped Apollos. Rev. 2:18a

2nd The Character of the Speaker: Jesus is the Son of God who sees all and will judge all, Rev. 2:18b

3rd The Commendations for their love, fidelity, service, perseverance, and progress, Rev. 2:19

4th The Condemnations for their tolerance of Jezebel, her false teaching, immorality and refusal to repent, Rev. 2:20-21

5th The Judgments against Jezebel (death), her followers (disease), the faithful remnant (to hold fast)     Rev. 2:22-25

6th The Promises to the Overcomer: to reign with Christ and to have Him; He is the Bright and Morning Star, Rev. 2:26-28

7th The Concluding Command to Hear and Heed the Letter, Rev. 2:29

God is just and will judge those who practice immorality and who tolerate sin, yet He is merciful and will forgive all who repent. His grace is effectual to enable His church to obey.

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