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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Facts on Racism from John Green

Unless I missed something, (and I'm not claiming that I haven't) he sounds right on to me. 


PJ Tibayan said...

Thanks for posting this brother. Have you heard the conversation between Todd Friel and Thabiti? This sort of reminds me of Todd, a good brother in Christ I assume, not really understanding or being able to hear the points Thabiti was making.

I'm preaching on Ephesians 2.11-22, "The Christian and Race" this Sunday and would appreciate your prayers brother! We're now just a city away from you guys in Bellflower.

In Christ,

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

Just listened to Todd Friel and Thabiti, and this is an extremely insightful and helpful conversation! I thank God that through their candor and astuteness that they represented as clearly as you will find the conflicting sides on the issue of racism. Sadly, though I don't think any movement towards unity occurred. This is a hard issue.

Unknown said...

Is there any way of listening to this interview ( again between Todd & Thabiti) .. they seem to block it somehow? Any other links beside Wretched TV?

It`ll be greatly appreciated
God Bless a Happy Sabbath.