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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How Do You Share the Gospel

To encourage you to join other Christians on "Witness Wednesday for Christ" (#WW4C) and to honor Christ through your social media, I've posted this to help you learn how to share the Gospel. I hope it helps.

You ever wonder what the heart of the Christian message is? It’s the Gospel. It’s a story that God published and wants everyone to hear and believe. It goes like this:

1.     God is Sovereign:   Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God made everything, and everything was just the way He wanted it. Therefore, everyone everywhere is fully accountable to Him as Creator.

2.   We are Sinners:     Genesis 3
Our first parents, Adam and Eve, rebelled against God. In a just response, God gave them over to spiritual and then physical death (Gen 2:15-16). Having died spiritually, everyone after Adam and Eve has been born into a state of spiritual death and with an internal awareness of sin to which we are all slaves. We now love darkness rather than light because we are evil. And to make matters worse, whereas God gave man rulership over creation, due to his fall, Satan became the illegitimate ruler in his place. This evil and very powerful spirit wields his power to lead people further into sin and rebellion against God, and no one on his or her own is wise enough or powerful enough to resist his deceptive temptations.

3.   Jesus is the Only Savior:         Genesis 3:15, 1 Cor 15:1-4; 2 Cor 5:21
Here’s God’s Good News! He sent His eternal Son into the world to save
sinners and to restore His creation. How so? Glad you asked. That’s what Jesus was doing on the cross! He satisfied God’s just demands for His broken laws. The wages of sin was death so Jesus died for sinners. Then amazingly and miraculously He rose from the grave, having defeated sin, death, and Satan. The Father has exalted Him as Lord over all, granting Him authority to pardon any and all sinners whom He chooses.

4.   Jesus Summons You to Repent and Believe        Mark 1:14-15
Here’s what Jesus lovingly commands all sinners to do to be saved. Cry out to Him to enable you to turn from sin and to trust in Him. And if you do that—repent and believe—then Jesus will forgive you of all your sins, past, present, and future. He will fill you with His Holy Spirit, causing you to be born again. He will declare you to be righteous before His Holy Father. He will adopt you as His son or daughter. He will give you eternal life.  He will secure your eternal destiny with Him in heaven. In other Words, He will save you! That’s really good news, isn’t it? Here’s the problem -- everyone won’t repent and believe. Some will continue to reject Jesus as Lord and live in rebellion to Him doing what they want to do. When Jesus returns to take His childen to be with Him forever, He will cast his enemies into Hell forever.

My prayer and plea to all sinners is to call out to Jesus, “Save me a sinner,” and repent and believe in Him so that He might save you from your sins and the wrath of God that you deserve.

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