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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thank You for Praying for Our Miraculous Cancer Surviving Graduate, Carissa


Your mother and I weren’t sure that we would have the joy of ever seeing this day. Ten years ago, when you were diagnosed with cancer your doctor gave us a survival rate that wasn’t promising. Then your health continued to decline, and he eventually told us that “we’ve done all that we can do.”

But your mother and I prayed for you. People from all over the world prayed. Your family and people in this room prayed. And I told you to pray to Jesus to save your soul fearing that you would prematurely see Him.
Then, tragically, all the friends you made in the hospital, Kelsey, Alexis, died of cancer. But God saved you. I‘ve never tried to answer the question, “Why God spared your life?,” except knowing that by doing so He showed us His undeserved mercy upon mercy.

So here we are, rejoicing that our Charis, God’s gracious gift to us, is now a beautiful, caring and determined young woman. And my charge to you is to you find the answer to the question, I never answered, and to live your life in pursuit of fulfilling it.For God did not give (you) a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control,2 Tim. 1:7. Jesus loves you and your life is His gift. Live it for Him and for His glory. Congratulations Honey!

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gdtester said...

Your Uncle George seconds that, with love.