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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Next Conversation Post Trayvon Martin Verdict: Don Lemon's Right

The only thing he overlooked that I would have said was that we need to stop preaching a social gospel and instead preach the real one: 

So here it is. God’s good news is that His Son Jesus came and paid the penalty of death that we owed for our sins. In paying our debt to the Father, He defeated our greatest enemies sin, death, and Satan. God validated His victory by raising Him from the dead and exalting Him to the position of King over the universe. As King, God granted Him all authority to reconcile and rescue all who call out to Him, “save me the sinner.” And Jesus does! He’s the One and only Savior of the world! As an undeserved gift of His grace, Jesus forgives by washing away with His blood all the sins of those who trust Him. He also legally declares them perfectly righteous granting them the status of the sinless life that He lived. And if that weren’t amazing enough, He will come back to destroy all of God’s enemies, completely remove the presence and stain of all sin, and make a new heaven and earth. And last, He will dwell with those whom He has saved forever in the paradise of the new heaven and new earth. Therefore, He commands the young and the old, the urban, rural and suburban, males and females to by His grace turn from their sin to trust in Him.


LA LARK said...

Pastor Bobby, I totally agree with you! These facts that were stated by Mr. Lemon were hard but EXTREMELY accurate. I have to say I am glad someone has the courage to say these things ...these hard truths...on air!

Unknown said...

Pastor Scott, thank you for the ultimate point - the Gospel. I would add this: Black-on-black crime is sinner-on-sinner crime. We need Redeemed-on-unredeemed preaching of the Gospel... everywhere.

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

Amen, Tom Amen.It's good to hear from you brother. I pray that all is well.

PJ Tibayan said...

Thanks for preaching the gospel to me this morning brother. I was looking for your posts on the Martin situation in light of Ferguson and this video was helpful.

Hope you, Naomi, the family, and CFBC are thriving as you pour your lives out for God's glory.

In Christ,