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Friday, April 12, 2013

What is a Masculine Male?

The Essential Fundamentals of Masculinity

“Men Must Know Who They Are and How They Must Act”

God designed the essence of masculinity in both a man’s being and acting.  It is engraved in what they are and revealed in how they (are supposed to) act.  Whereas sin marred what men are as masculine beings and how they act, the Spirit of God can renew a true masculinity in men and guide them to live in harmony with their masculine make-up.  A man’s goal, now, must be to yield to the Spirit’s work within him and to live like Christ—the perfect masculine man.

I.    Being Masculine:  God hardwired men to reflect His image and likeness in at least 5 aspects of their being (Gen 1:26-27).
1)    Rational
2)    Emotional
3)    Relational
4)    Spiritual
5)    Moral

II.  Acting Masculine: God hardwired men to live out their masculinity in 5 roles.
1)    God Made Man to be a Protector                    Gen 1:28
2)    God Made Man to be a Leader                        Gen 1:28
3)    God Made Man to be a Provider                     Gen 2:15; 3:17-19
4)    God Made Man to be a Lover              Gen 2:24
5)    God Made Man to be a Worshipper   Gen 2:16-17; 3:8

Biblical masculinity is that divinely created make-up of man (our moral, spiritual, rational, emotional, relational nature) through which God displays His Own image and likeness (Gen 1:26).  Masculinity, in distinction from femininity, is seen when men live in accordance with their finite God-like being to fulfill their God-chosen gender roles (Gen 1:28). At its core, Biblical masculinity implies that men have the unique nature and responsibility (Gen 3:9, 11, 17) to maintain the God-centeredness of communities, churches, and families (1 Cor 11:3; 1 Tim 3:1; Eph 5:23).

In making men men, God has entrusted to men the most sacred stewardship of manifesting His glory in creation (1 Cor 11:7).  Masculinity, then, entails doing all that one can to become God’s agent and doing all that one can to fulfill that trust.  Masculine men assume that responsibility to be and act in the biblically prescribed ways necessary to influence their environments for God.

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