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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thinking Biblically on Election Day Tuesday

With election season right upon us, I thought it might do some good for us to be reminded of three truths about God’s relationship to America and the nations of the earth. First, God is the Sovereign Lord over every nation. Regardless of a nation’s political hierarchy, whether it is democratically governed or ruled by a despot, God is the ultimate and final authority in every land over every government. Therefore, regardless of whether the Republicans or Democrats win the White House and Congress, the day after the election—Tuesday—the same Ruler will be governing on His throne—Jesus Christ, the King.

Second, remember the kindness and severity of God (Rom 11:22). Acts 14:16-17 teaches that God shows kindness to the nations of the earth. We shouldn’t forget then, that in His kindness, God is the One who blessed America and made her great. Equally clear, Jeremiah 18:5-10 teaches that through His judgment God brings about the fall of nations that reject Him and His ways. Our Christian influence then matters. Like Israel of old (Jer 29:4-7), the church should live out our God-given convictions in love for the welfare of America. That means we should use our Bible-centered way of thinking, living, and yes, voting, in a day and time when our nation and leaders openly reject God and His ways. Does this mean that we must vote only for Christian politicians? No.

The third truth is this: All governing officials in every land, whether they believe in the God of the Bible or not, are His servants, and they will answer to Him (Rom 13:1-7). This means that Christians can, in good faith, vote for non-Christian governing officials who they discern will biblically bring about the welfare of America because they best align with the morals and worldview of the Bible. In these days, with what obviously seems like the wrath of God pouring out upon our heads (Rom 1:18-32), I hope this advice helps.

Until Jesus returns, may all true American Christians do all that we can for the welfare of America.

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