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Friday, July 29, 2011

Legacy Sola Fide Purity Workshop Notes

The following link will take you to a detailed explanation of what I covered in my Legacy purity workshop.

Truth in the City: How Nakedness Affected the Fall:

Grace and peace,
Pastor Bobby Scott


Anonymous said...

Mr. Scott,

My name is Josiah and I attended your "What Would Jesus Say?" workshop at the Legacy conference in Chicago. I was really impressed and encouraged by your workshop, and I was also hoping you would post some of the notes on your blog. I was hoping in the workshop I attended that you would talk about the Bible's response to the legalization of marijuana. I was just wondering what you thought about that, as it is an issue I wanted clarity on. Thanks for all you do.

Josiah (Tennessee)

Pastor Bobby Scott said...


Thanks for holding me accountable to what I promised. I'll work on something tomorrow.

I introduced a series today at church in which I plan on preaching through the topics I talked about at Legacy. You can follow the series on our church itunes page (lacbc).

Anonymous said...

Pastor Scott,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I will definitely look at those resources when they become available. Thanks