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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our House Caught on Fire

The following is a guest post from my mom. I love you mom and thanks for keeping everyone updated until I get time to write something.

For those of you who haven't heard our son Bobby's home in CA caught fire early last Sunday morning. We thank God that they all got out safely. The fire started in the dryer, spread to the kitchen, up the wall to the roof and across the roof to master bedroom. Naomi said when they all got in the front yard they could see orange flames consuming the kitchen. I have attached a few pictures.


Bobby said God has blessed them by sending many people to help. The fire chief told him that people would be showing up asking to represent him, but not to sign anything. His insurance company deposited money in his account by Sunday evening. They are staying at a Residence Hotel until they can find an apartment or house to rent. Please pray about that. Their church family has set up meal delivery, they have been given clothes and the children were taken on a shopping trip.

Micaiah turned 10 on May 26 and Amariah turned 6 on May 27th. They had planned a Spring Theme party for Memorial Day. Our great-grandson and great-granddaughter were also in the house Saturday. Some of the ladies called Naomi and offered to have the party at their homes, but she declined so they said let's go to a park. The party was a wonderful surprise for the girls and the family. The ladies had invited all the kids friends from their neighborhood, church and the homeschool association.

Bobby has lived in this house over 10 years and they know everybody on the block. Bobby was at the house yesterday meeting with insurance co., appraisers, etc., he saw their mailman coming and went down the street to meet him.  Ralph has been their mailman all these years and the kids love him. They give him water, sodas, cookies and he loves the family. Bobby told him that they were all well, but the house caught fire. Ralph started crying because he was so glad they were ok and Bobby started crying with him. The neighbors responded the same way and are keeping watch over the house.

The house is being checked to determine degree of asbestos. If the count is low they may be able to go in Thursday to retrieve somethings. But, right now they are doing ok and are not in need of anything. The kids are homeschooled and may have to complete their work this summer.

Please continue to pray that they find somewhere to stay for 8 months, that all the paperwork and rebuilding go well.


The Good Tale said...
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Fitts said...

Sorry to hear about the house. Greatful that the family is safe.

You all are in our prayers.


Amy E Cureton said...

Thank you so much for writing this. I am so grateful that the family is safe and that all their needs are being met.

Anonymous said...

The Scott Family consists of some of the most loving people I've ever known. Even in stressful situations, Bobby and Naomi remember that the Lord is in complete control—whatever cares they have are cast upon Him. Bobby and Naomi are raising their delightful children to reflect this same trust in God. What a treat(!) this family has been to me! They are so genuine! I am praying for them, and thank you, Mrs. Scott, Sr., for your comforting post. C.