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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Will Wait for You by Janette...ikz

For all the single sisters out there who love Christ, you have to check this out and pass it along. 


Dee Angela said...

I NOT ONLY LIKE THIS, BUT I LOVE THIS~ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, THAT CONFESS 2 B DAUGHTERS of GOD! &Called for such a time as this!! My baby bro Pastor Bobby Scott knows me well! I have been moved & touched to know that there is a Woman of GOD, a daughter of the Most High who dares to speak from her heart & share such honesty before the WWW World Wide Web where publicly she tells the Whole World & Men that she is a woman who will HONOR GOD with her life & Wait Patiently for whomever GOD has designed for her as a husband! JESUS Has prepared her with a mind of singleness, her body & her spirit & soul! She has a made up mind NOT 2 FORSAKE HER 1st LOVE, JESUS! And has decided far in advance like the 3 Hebrew Boys who were thrown in the firey furance that they would serve only GOD! She Knows whether with or without she will remain as I have also pledged committed to her 1st LOVE JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD! I applaud you loudly & say DITTO & AMEN & AMEN. Your Sister-In-Christ JESUS Dee Scott My Purpose Statement "I MUST BE ABOUT MY FATHER'S BUSINESS" No matter the cost! I have a LOVE that NEVER FAILS!

Anonymous said...

This is great and encouraging! She really knows the scriptures doesn't she? I enjoyed this and emailed this to several people. Many of us can relate to what she is saying.