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Monday, April 4, 2011

Desiring God 25th Anniversary Edition Endorsement

This past February, I had the privilege of organizing a meeting for a couple hundred pastors who serve in the urban communities of Los Angeles, with the aim of introducing them to John Piper. Because John is not on the radio in LA, as inconceivable as this might seem, many of the pastors were unfamiliar with Desiring God Ministries (DGM). As I brought John to the pulpit, I stated how I share his conviction that Jesus did not die to build a segregated church. John preached a new wrinkle in his Desiring God message; he titled it “What is the Bottom of Your Joy?” The pastors were moved, God was glorified, Jesus was preached, the Spirit stirred the hearts of His servants, and I have not stopped listening to that sermon. It gave me words to express why God is the bottom on my joy. It plunged my mind deeply into the reservoir of God’s infinite love for me. I pray that the truths unleashed in Desiring God 25th Anniversary Edition will flow to all of Christ’s churches, and that God uses them to saturate more hearts with the joy that comes from marveling at the depth of the glory of His love which He reveals to His saints through Christ.

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