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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastor's Seminar in Kisumu


Dr. Van Horn and I started teaching at ITEM’s pastor’s seminar today in Kisumu. He taught through the Bibliology (Revelation, Inspiration, and the Sufficiency and Authority of Scripture) and having a biblical philosophy of ministry. A young American missionary shared with Steve after he had finished that his lecture was the best one he had ever heard a white man give to Kenyans. I taught on the role of the pastor and the qualifications of leadership. We also had a very lively Q&A time. The question that dominated our discussion was women’s roles in ministry. Surprise! We also entered into a deep discussion about what it means for pastors to be slaves of Christ and slaves of the church for Christ’s sake (1 Cor 4:1; 2 Cor 4:5).


The group (approx. 70 in size) is very eclectic. To a few we are preaching to the choir. Others they are hearing things that they have never heard before and are eagerly taking them to heart. The rest they are hearing things that threaten their way of doing ministry. Please pray that all who attend will embrace the truth of God’s Word and that Steve and I will accurately answer their questions. There is a tremendous element of spiritual warfare in all of this. Some of the ministers and hence ministries are being held captive by cultural strongholds. Polygamy is one of them.


The conference is being held at Milimani Seminary. It was started by the Southern Baptists. The school reminds me so much of LABTS. A few years ago the SB pulled their support believing they had invested enough time into that work. In order for the seminary to continue a few graduates assumed both the administrative and teaching responsibilities for the school. They have kept the school open by offering training free of charge, and volunteering their time. They have three different programs:
  1. A diploma degree for the men who don’t know English and have limited education. They teach them in Swahili.
  2. A Bible degree for those who know English but have limited education,
  3. And a Bible Education degree for those who know English and who have more education.


I feel a burden to help them. I asked to see their library with the goal of identifying books they were lacking and trusting the Lord to somehow enable me to secure the ones they need. Please join me in praying that I can fulfill this burden. There are some dear brothers here fighting to guard their churches from error, which is so rampant because of a lack of accessible theological training.


Before I sign-off, let me share one cultural eye-opener, at least to me. Imagine flying into an airport, and you never enter into a building—not even for one second. Welcome to the Kisumu Airport! You exit the plane on the tarmac. Walk to a sign that says “Wait here for your luggage.” Wait for a shuttle loaded with luggage. The driver off-loads it to you, and you head off to transportation without ever going inside of a building. That was amazing to me. 


Edith Williams said...

Hello there
We are praying for you on this mission. Let us add to this that you meet you heart desire to supply the books that are needed and that they get to the place where they are needed. Stay safe in His arms.

Art Morgan said...

Hello Bobby!

Shared news of your first blog with PBF. We are praying for the people and your two man team.
I will share the need for theology books with Dr. Moore.
May our Lord sufficiently supply your needs and those of the people both of you are serving.

Art Morgan