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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Made It Well Almost

Greetings From Nairobi,

After flying from Los Angeles to Detroit (4hrs), Detroit to Amsterdam (9hrs), running through the Amsterdam airport to catch my flight to Nairobi (8 hrs), I made it, but my luggage didn't. I guess I ran faster then they could transport my luggage. The Nairobi airport said they will deliver it tomorrow by noon. Hope so, I just carried my laptop on the plane. So all I got is the clothes on my back.

But I must say I am as excited as a kid. The shuttle ride from the airport was part NY taxi ride (just don't look) and part amusement park ride with the added thrill that it could kill you. We passed two accidents and just missed out on being the third (twice). But God is good. I just said if this is how you want me to go Lord then I guess this is how I'll go.

I caught up with Steve Van Horn in Amsterdam. He's the president and founder of ITEM, the mission I am working with. We leave for Kisumu Monday and start the pastors' conference on Tuesday. This leaves us a day to worship and see a few things.

Not only is this my first trip to Africa, but my first trip out of the States. I am focused on teaching but just as eager to learn what the Lord will show me through seeing Christianity through different eyes for a week.


gdtester said...

One needs to see another country to really appreciate the good old USA.
I always say that people in third world countries drive Offensively instead of defensively.
May God Bless and Keep you safe.

Uncle George

Endora said...

Sounds exciting! Can't wait to read more about your travels. Emily can tell you some crazy stories about the roads in India - the painted lines really dont mean anything and the designated left lane for elephants!!

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

I'm still laughing Endora. The tentative plan today is for me to preach in one of the really poor communities and I'm told my drive from the airport will make that trip seem like we floated in on clouds.

macon church said...

It sounds very exciting

DEE SCOTT said...

PRAISE GOD! Big Sis Prayin for you daily, really wish I could have made the trip with you to minister in song. Prayin God will use you greatly & many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord & Saviour. I luv ya madly Deb

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

Deb, you would really love this. We'll see if the Lord opens up the door for us to make this an annual trip. Then we could schedule you to come,

Owen C said...

This is grreat