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Friday, September 24, 2010

What Should the Church Do about Bishop Eddie Long?

Without all the evidence that may support or contradict that allegations against Eddie Long, I thought the article below captured the essence of what the discussion should be about. The church should pray that the truth comes out—all of it.

New Birth's mission: Pursue truth about Bishop Long

I feel a particular burden to respond to this scandal because a few years ago (2006), I was engaged in a back and forth series of emails and phone conversations with a prominent evangelical African American pastor regarding Eddie Long. The prominent evangelical pastor had invited Bishop Long to preach at his conference. I pleaded with him to disinvite Eddie Long because of his outrageously heretical statements.  Sadly, my plea went unheeded. My pray and plea for the church today is that God will somehow use this ugly scandal to bring about repentance, a reaffirmation to cling to truth, and a renewed longing for holiness. 


Anonymous said...

It's a sad situation and another reminder for us to place our faith, trust and confidence in God alone and not man. Men can and will fail us. We are nothing more than sinners saved by grace and if we are not careful, we too can succumb to the myriad of temptations around us. We might not fall to the same temptations alleged against Eddie Long, but we can fall to the ones we are most susceptible to. So we just have to watch and pray, pray, pray!!!

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I couldn't agree more. Pastors need to recognize our vulnerabilities and find ways to safeguard ourselves against whatever areas we maybe particularly vulnerable. And churches need to realize this as well and make sure they are providing accountability for their pastors.

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