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Friday, June 25, 2010

One More Sholar Tribute

One more tribute for the Sholars. This time for Mrs. Sholar. 

In a day and time when families live under tremendous pressure to have two incomes, I thank God for faithful women who can and who choose to give their full-time to doing God's kingdom work for their husbands and children. Athena, with all of your many talents, it speaks volumes that you have chosen the path less traveled to be at home for your dear children and husband. God has smiled upon your kingdom sacrifice. You have "done well." I pray that our God will multiply your example and continue to work through you to raise up generations of God-fearing Sholars. In words much more articulate than I could say, you exemplify the wisdom of God of which Piper speaks. 

This video originally appears on Desiring God and is called "Is it OK for mothers to work full-time outside of the home?" by John Piper.

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