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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Should Churches Respond to Pastors' Porn Problems?

I've just been asked to write a chapter in an upcoming free e-book by Covenant Eyes that answers the question, "Is it a disqualifying sin if a pastor struggles with pornography?" In other words, would he no longer be above reproach? If yes "why," and if no "why not." And what should the church do and what should he do if he struggles with this sin? Love to get some feedback especially if your church has a stated porn policy for its leaders. The book comes out in the fall. If you respond to this post, I'll try to make sure I tell you how to get a copy when it becomes available. It will be loaded with great resources for the church.


Bill Reichart said...

The problem is with the churches that can or won't allow a pastor to be honest with the temptation or addiction, and therefore keeping the issue further in the darkness. Pastors like all of us need ministries like covenant eyes, and others to come along pastors and bring accountability, support and help.

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

Bill thanks for the response. I agree that for the future health of the church and our pastors, all of our churches need to create a new level of transparency for their pastors. And pastors need to embrace it and the accountability that comes along with it for their own soul-sake. The purity of pastors and the church is are under spiritual attack.