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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How Nakedness Affected the Fall

I am in the process of writing a 4 part series called "How Nakedness Affected the Fall" for Covenant Eyes. Here are the links to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. I'd love to get your feedback on these so if you have a minute post a comment.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Bobby

Friday, December 25, 2009

Scott Family Year in Review

Greetings from the Scott Family! We look back on 2009 with thanksgiving for God’s many blessings as well as the trials from which we have learned a great deal.

Early this year we discovered mold in our house and were displaced from our home for a couple of months during the remediation and remodeling processes. The whole ordeal was quite a challenge for all of us. However, as is often the case, there were many blessings that came along with the trial: after our initial claim was denied, the insurance company ended up paying for everything, including food & accommodations while we were away; the health issues we were concerned about were not serious and resolved themselves in time, and in the process of testing, we discovered some important information about William’s allergies that we would not have otherwise known; after our house was “put back together,” we ended up with a new bathroom and nice wood floors; we developed a good relationship with our contractor, who began visiting our church and has been attending since that time; and most of all, we had another opportunity to trust the Lord and came out with an appreciation of God’s faithfulness to us.

Bobby - The highlight of 09 for me has to be trials. In addition to the mold found in our home, it was also discovered in my office at church. Through it all, God provided in amazing ways, and we all escaped with minimal health complications. Also, the recession didn’t skip over our church. It is an ongoing challenge for our members looking for work and some leaving the area and our church to find it. The most lasting memory of 09 for me will be that our church lost a beloved deacon, Don Ferrer, and I lost a faithful friend. He will be deeply missed. Don was the faithful servant of the Lord who oversaw our tape ministry. In sanctifying ways, which I can only attribute to God’s amazing grace, He used these trials and others to teach me to rely upon Him more, and that’s a good thing. Last note, no new book this year, did a little blogging here and as a contributing author on Covenant Eyes. Maybe I’ll find more time to write in 2010.

Naomi - After recovering from our mold ordeal, we were able to enjoy another eventful baseball season, a summer full of swimming, various classes, and getting together with friends. Sneakers, our new dog, became a fun addition to our family and enjoys being my “running buddy” twice a week. We have been busy this year with a new homeschooling program that is based on the classical approach to education. The kids meet in small groups in a classroom setting once a week. They are enjoying the competitive environment, being with their friends, and doing lots of memory work. I have been thoroughly enjoying the challenging curriculum and re-learning things that I didn’t learn well when I was in school! Grammar has taken on new life for all of us. I have been substitute tutoring for the younger kids and tutoring Algebra weekly in this program. I continue to enjoy teaching Sunday School, serving in children’s ministry at our church, and coordinating the single moms ministry in our homeschooling academy. One highlight this year for me was being invited by my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Rygg, to an exhibit featuring her paintings. Seeing her and my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Evans, who also attended, was a special treat.

Carissa - Although some of my experiences this year have been negative, overall this year has been really great. Our dog Bambie died, which was sad, but then Sneakers became a member of our family. Baseball is very fun and I’m getting better at it at every practice despite the fact that I probably won’t continue it through high school. My favorite pastime is swimming, which I did a lot of this summer. I’ve also tried art class. My family and I have tried a new school program, which has been to my liking. It is enjoyable, yet challenging, and I have gained much by it. Carissa celebrated her 5th year of remission this past year, a huge milestone! We thank God that she continues to stay in good health.

BJ – “This year has been fun because we started something called Classical Conversations. A bunch of Homeschoolers get together to do work and get assignments to do over the week and get tickets for doing a good job. The work is a lot easier than our regular work and after class we get to be with our friends. And at the end of the year we get to spend our tickets.” BJ has also developed quite a knack for acting. Lately, he has been one of the highlights of the children’s plays at church.

Eli – “This year I had the best birthday party ever. We went to a water park with my friends. I also had my ears pierced. For Carissa’s birthday, we went rock climbing, go carting, bumper boating and aracading.” Eliana continues to fill our home with loudness and laughter with her bubbly personality. She still enjoys reading and collecting unique coins.

Micaiah - “I had a good time on Thanksgiving and we invited lots of people, and we played UNO, Stacko, and the older people played Apples to Apples and the food was very good.” Micaiah loves having a house full of people to host. Also, she and Eliana had desired for a long time to take ballet, and this summer, they took ballet lessons along with two of their best friends. Micaiah continues to be the family sweetheart, always willing to share and encourage.

William - “This year I went to three hotels. One had a pool and waterslides. The other one had a pool and a Jacuzzi, and the last one was near the movie theaters and a Trader Joe’s.” (Most of these hotel stays were a result of our escape from the mold. What for us was an evacuation, the kids viewed as a vacation!) Academically, William has been very motivated this year. He does well in math and has amazed us with his ability to memorize a detailed timeline of ancient world history.

Amariah is now a talkative four year old and is still everyone’s baby. She loves her older siblings and especially enjoys “spending the night” with her brothers, sleeping in a playpen in their room overnight.

As we look forward to 2010, we thank God for family and good friends, and we wish you a New Year filled with God’s blessings!