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Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation's Over


Vacation's over, time to go back to work, and that includes blogging. I thoroughly enjoyed my month off. I did a lot of thinking, reading, and meditating about God's grace. You can hear the fruit of my reflections from my sermon series "Amazing Grace." In particular, the last two sermons, parts 3-4 captured the well of God's goodness that I spent my vacation drinking from.


This year we enjoyed the 113 degree heat in Palm Springs by living in the pool from morning until 10pm at night. I think the kids grew fins. I gained a deeper appreciation of trusting God as we scaled 8,500 feet up the side of a mountain in a tram that overlooked Palm Springs. The dips were really scary. We also enjoyed great times visiting friends and fellowshipping with sister churches. That's a rare treat that our family has really come to enjoy.


Now August is in full bloom which means I am back teaching and pastoring. Presently, I am teaching a worldview class for Biola BOLD program on Tuesday nights and a course on Genesis Thursday morning at LABTS. These are my favorite courses to teach because they are both so foundational to what I believe and who I am as a Christian. At church we are reaping the fruit of God's work of sanctifying grace through our Home Bible Studies. We are using C.J. Mahaney's Why Small Groups?


And the kids are back to school. For the Scotts, that means homeschooling. I received really interesting feedback from Voddie's guest blog on Homeschooling. I obviously agree with what he shared, with one significant point of difference. I don't hold his conviction that homeschooling or private schooling are the only biblical options for Christians. I do firmly believe that when our public and even private schools become as decadent as they are in my neighborhood, then Christian parents need to take a step of faith and trust God to enable them to educate their children. Voddie posted a very enlightening blog that showed even when parents are not trained educators or hold college degrees, their children fair much better than students in public schools on standardized tests. (Thought I needed to say that to those who wondered). I hope that qualifier helps.

Well signing off for now, but it's good to be back. Here are a couple of posts I hope to write in the upcoming weeks: Living with a Biblical Worldview, Why We Need to Talk More about Genesis, How God's Grace Is the Christian's Answer to Our Growing Obesity Problem, What Would Jesus Say about Your Church? Are Small Churches or Mega Churches Better?

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Jabberwocky Jacobs said...

My wife and I just moved to a new town. We left our old church of 900and are attending a church of 60. We think that a smaller church simply because of the fellowship. We find it nearly impossible for a large church to maintain unity in the body. And small groups: Those seem to be artificial environments to try to duplicate an intimate environment. But in today's culture, we don't naturally spend time in others' homes. So a small group in a home seems really forced. I'm looking forward to your writing about this.