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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Los Angeles Bible Training School Banquet

It is a gift to be able to serve God in any capacity. It is measureless privilege to be able to serve God by teaching the Bible. God has blessed me to teach in several prominent Christian schools (Biola University, the Master's College), but my favorite place to teach is at the historic Los Angeles Bible Training School. I am humbled by its rich history. I am inspired by the great faculty that has gone before me. I am passionately motivated to come along and serve the student body who like me have a burden for the urban community.

The preaching, fellowship, and testimonies were great like always. And Naomi and I enjoyed our annual banquet date-night away from our die-hard battered charged six kids. Enjoy the pictures below from this year's banquet where Dr. Alex Montoya was the keynote speaker.

President Paul Felix, Dr. George Moore, Me, Dr. Alex Montoya, Chancellor Dr. Alonzo Levert, Dr. Les Lofquit.

Naomi & Me


Abiding in Grace said...

My family was just marveling at God's amazing grace. That God would give a guy who looks like "you" a beautiful woman like Naomi is surely a testimony to His undeserved favor.

The Kidds, well actually it's me poking fun at you. My wife thinks your banquet picture is wonderful.

Pastor Bobby Scott said...
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Pastor Bobby Scott said...

I can't stop laughing. That is soooo funny because it is soooo true. I'm LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I should tell the folks reading your comment that I can say the same thing about you. Have a great Thanksgiving, and I'm going to add a thousand push-ups to our workout at Bally's for your funny joke.

Fitts said...

I really enjoyed that evening. I thank God for LABTS, the school has been a blessing to me and the church where I serve.