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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Global Financial Crisis & the Coming One World Cashless Society

I’m no prophet or end of the world preaching dispensationalist, but what’s happening seems prophetic to me. The Bible teaches that from the time of Christ we have been living in the last days. The last days is a technical theological phrase understood by some evangelicals to denote that the next items on God’s prophetic calendar are the cataclysmic events surrounding the return of Christ (entailing, among other events, the Great Tribulation). During the last of the last days, Revelation 13 foretells of the coming of a one world, all-invasive government in which everyone everywhere will be subjected to a cashless society where no one will be able to buy or sell without the government’s approval.

In one stunning week, in what seemed like the stuff of a bad futuristic B movie, the US and world capitalistic free markets morphed into pawns being moved by government hands. The once extolled “let the market fix it” has been supplanted by a new mantra, “let the government have and control it.” From our insurance (AIG) to our houses (Fannie and Freddie) and now to our banks, in the blink of an eye the US economy, once proudly held in the hands of its citizens, has been snatched away by the government. That would be concern enough to sound a prophetic alarm, but these US actions were either mirrored by other Western economic powerful countries or even outdone. Coupling these historic steps with Russia and economic powerhouse China moving in concert to usurp the world’s financial markets, no one can deny that we are witnessing the convergence and universal restructuring of the world’s economies.

Just last week the official China communist sponsored newspaper, “The People’s Daily,” called for a one world currency.1 Two days ago, French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared, ``A new world is being born of the havoc under our eyes.''2

So what should Christians do? We should encourage one another all the more as we sense the time of Christ is drawing near. We must cling to the truth that God is on the throne, and He is moving His-Story forward exactly the way that will reveal the full glory of His wisdom, power, holiness, and grace. And far from panicking, Christians should double our efforts to learn His Word, live according to it, and share it with whomever will listen. And we should anxiously long for the reappearing of our Lord who is going to make all things new (Rev. 21:5).

1“China Paper Urges New Currency Order after ‘Financial Tsunami,’” Reuters, accessed date 10/14/08

2 “French, German Leaders Reject European Rescue Fund,” The Economic Times accessed date 10/14/08


Fitts said...

My brother, this is so deep! What a great post, that I am hoping people will pay attention to. I look forward to more post from your blog.

Abiding in Grace said...

Hey, was that a slam on end-time-prophetic Dispensationalists? At any rate, aren't we supposed to be gone at this point? At least that's what I was taught; and I suspect you were taught the same.

Just a little theological fun. Good post brother. Indeed, God is shaking the foundations! Maranatha

Pastor Bobby Scott said...

I guess I could have stated more subtly my argument against setting off the end time prophecy alarm every time a startling newswire hits the press. Especially since, I could be accused of doing just that in this blog.

goAGK said...
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goAGK said...

More Economic Unity news in New York Times today, October 24, 2008.

European and Asian Leaders Call for Unity in Facing Economic Crisis, By JIM YARDLEY

BEIJING — On a day when European and Japanese markets suffered heavy losses, Asian and European leaders convened on Friday in Beijing and sought to present a unified front, promising mutual cooperation at next month’s emergency financial meeting called by President Bush.

Speaking at the opening of the two-day Asia-Europe Meeting, or ASEM, President Hu Jintao of China called for a cooperative global response to a financial crisis that he said had sent shockwaves through international financial markets.

“At this crucial moment, confidence is more important than anything else,” Mr. Hu said, according to Xinhua, the country’s official news agency. “Only with strong confidence and concerted efforts can we weather the crisis.”