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Friday, September 12, 2008

Revival at Peace Chapel: A Worshipping Church

The following is a guest post from DeAntwan Fitts, Pastor of Peace Chapel in Los Angeles. You can visit his church website at

What glorious time we had at last night's revival!

Our revivalist, Bobby Scott, set the tone early in his message for what I am calling a very powerful and relevant sermon for churches of all ages. In his intro our speaker pointed out that the essence of worship is us giving to God and, therefore, that we should not come before God empty handed. One thing that he said in his introduction that really stuck with me is that when we gather together as God's redeemed people, it is for the purpose of meeting God. We should come before Him with reverence, praise and thanksgiving. I see the praise, I hear the giving of thanks, but where is the reverence for God in the church today?

Our revivalist used 1 Timothy 3:14-15 as his background Scripture for how we are to conduct ourselves in the church of God. His exposition primarily came from 1 Timothy chapter 2:1-15. From these verses, Pastor Scott showed us 5 ways God calls the church to offer Him acceptable worship:
  1. We need to pray, 1 Tim 2:1.
  2. We need to be holy, 1 Tim 2:8; Col 3:1-7.
  3. We need to adorn ourselves appropriately (When we worship, we are gathering to meet God. Our attitude and attire should reflect that) 1 Tim 2:9.
  4. We need to listen to and learn from God's word (In full submission) 1 Tim 2:11-14.
  5. We need to model Christ likeness, 1 Tim 4:11-12.
Those, who attended last night's revival, were blessed by the preaching and teaching of God's word.

To my Peace Chapel family, thank you for your commitment to learning from God's word. Your return on this investment is going to be great!

There are still two more opportunities left for you to attend this revival, tonight at 7pm and Sunday at 3:30pm.

Tonight our revivalist will be clearing up some common misconceptions about worship. Do we have to speak in tongues to worship? What does my money have to do with my worship? Find out tonight at the revival.

Yours in His service,

DeAntwan Fitts

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LTroy said...

Pastor Scott, I was sent to your site by my spiritual Grand Father Bro. Alonzo Levert..he has been a spiritual mentor to my family for over 30 plus years, as we use to attend a church he was pastor of back when we lived in Los Angeles, as well as a teacher to my dad when he attended LABTS. He suggested that I send this question to you as I first posed it to him. I was reading on this other blog site--pulpit pimps by melvin jones ( and he was speaking to the fact that Tony Evans was going to be on the same cruise as Paula White. I really enjoy listening to Tony Evans and very frequently catch his teaching online at I was disturbed when I read this and truly hope that he is not going down the same path as these Word of Faith phonies. I also read that he shared the pulpit with Mr. Long. I am not writing this to throw stones, I just want to be aware and in tune with the truth. Can you shed some light on this matter? I would love to keep in contact with you and you can always reach me at post to my blog.
Thank you kindly and I look forward to hearing back from you.
In Christ,Troy