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Friday, July 25, 2008

Where Are All the Brothers? By Eric Redmond, a Review

I have to confess I don’t read a lot of books for entertainment. I read books to find answers to life’s riddles. I buy books like mechanics buy tools. I get them to show me how to fix stuff. I guess that’s a man thing. But that’s why I wanted to get this book.

All of us have noticed this problem, but we rarely say anything about it. It’s huge, but too few try to solve it. Men have become an endangered species in the church! When I have been asked about the problem, I’ve searched my brain for deep ecclesiological, anthropological answers. But from now on I am going to tell churches to stockpile Eric Redmond’s new release “Where are All the Brothers?”

The book is ingenious for its simplicity. Redmond doesn’t write to pastors and theologians so they can pontificate about the problem. Why do that? These brothers are already in church. He writes directly to men who are playing hooky—and not in a scolding, or demeaning way, but like a smooth lawyer who’s never lost a case because he knows his jury. Redmond knows his brothers, and he knows why they’ve stopped coming to church. So with honest answers, he point by point overcomes all of their objections. And the amazing thing to me is that he accomplishes this with chapters any brother will read because they are only a couple of pages long! If I ever get to meet Redmond, I am going to ask him to teach me the skill of being profound while keeping it real, clear, and brief.

If you are concerned about getting men back into the church, do what I am going to do. Stop talking about the problem, buy this book in bulk, and give it out to all of your male new visitors, your "come alone to church" married sisters, and then pray for God to bring a rain of men back into His church.

Pastor Robert S. Scott, Sr.
General editor of Secret Sex Wars: A Battle Cry for Purity

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